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Fire pon Ganja

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So the government of Jamaica has finally decided to legalize the natural growing herbs that we refer to as ganja or ‘cali,’ the healing of the nation etc. I am quite sure by now that the rastas are at niabinghi’s camp celebrating or better chanting while circulating dem chilum pipes, shouting praises to his imperial majesty Jah, Rastafari, Selassie.

Talks to decriminalize the use of marijuana has a come a little late as other countries such as the United States have already leagalized the plant and is currently earning billions of dollars in revenue  from sales. Jamaica is quite possibly the first country to use marijuana for recreational use and this was made famous by the most honourable Robert Nesta Marley.

The sixth sense

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So I was given a random task to create a sixth sense but then I thought, what sixth sense? Anyway after careful thought, I figured it must be Common Sense. After all, my lazy brain could not come up with anything else. Maybe I am lacking some common sense (*covers face*).

Wikipedia defines common sense as (yes I did use Wikipedia), the BASIC ability to perceive, understand and judge things which are shared by all people. As it turns out common sense is not very common in all people, it is actually very rare like an asteroid or discovering water on planet mars. I have often times come in contact with people, even at very senior management levels in organizations that lacked that very common rare sixth sense. As a matter of fact I wish there was a course at all levels of the education system called ‘Common Sense’. In fact there should be an entire degree called the sixth sense with particular emphasis on ‘Common Sense’. “I graduated with a first class honours degree in Common Sense.”

But seriously though, where is that sixth sense? People can do Pythagoras’ theorem and can’t figure out much simpler things. Maybe that is why we have so many wars because world leaders simply lack that BASIC ability to perceive, understand and judge situations. So I have a case after all for a sixth sense to be taught in schools.

Common sense is supposed to be something that everybody supposed to have; the sense not kiss a dangerous snake, go crocodile hunting (God bless the life of the Crocodile hunter #rip), the sense not to want to grab live electrical wires. The question is why is called common sense if not many people have it. Common sense is like deodorant; the people who need it most never use it. Maybe we should create a common sense pill for those who lack the ability for basic reasoning.

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Where has your common sense gone?